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~ SF Hollywood Glitter~


Video Video 2

SF STARLITE HOLLYWOOD GLITTER Reg. American Saddlebred 2 yr., stallion Golden Palomino. The finest Golden Saddlebred I have bred and raised in 40 yrs. HE HAS IT ALL......COLOR - perfect orange metallic gold with snow white mane and tail. CONFORMATION - model halter horse, long sloping refined neck with small Arabian type head. ACTION on all four legs for Parade, Style or Park. BREEDING - His Sire is a Palomino with Supreme Sultan lines; Dam is a black mare by World Champion black and white Pinto Key Largo, Dam's dam by Starheart Peavine by Starheart Stonewall, Society Rex. He has show horse attitude and look.... He is well started on ground grounding and will be under saddle soon being trained for 5-gaited and Racking Divisions. He would be for sale to select home for $7,500 with price increased with training. New pictures and video will be posted shortly. Present ones are of him as yearling last year.


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Pictures taken 06 August 2011 ...









Forrester Stables is proud to announce the arrival of the newest member of our family ... SF Starlite Love Dove aka "Dovey".
Born 01 June 2011. Dovey is Woody's full sister.

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Hollywood Glitter aka "Woody"
(big brother)










"When the Great Spirit willed to create the horse,  He said to the South Wind,  "I will that a creature should proceed from thee.  Condense thyself".   And the wind condensed itself.   Then came the angel Gabriel saying,  "I have called thee horse.   I have attached good fortune to the hair that falls between thine eyes.  Thou shall be the lord of all other animals, and men shall follow thee wheresoever thou goest.  Thou shall fly without wings and upon thy back shall riches repose and through thy means shall blessings come."

~Happy Trails~